Lectures @ The Old Refectory

Various lectures will be held at The Old Refectory on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April.

Saturday 29 April

  • 11am – Ms Rachelle Mizzi – Treasures from the 15th – 19th Century Book Collection at St Thomas of Villanova Augustinian Library, Rabat
  • 6pm – Mr Glen Calleja Reading of St Augustine’s Confessions


Sunday 30 April

  • 11am Mrs Jessica Pace Bardon – Art Appreciation
  • 12pm Mr Paul Muscat (Recoop) – Architecture Restoration
  • 1pm Mr James Saliba (Wood Conservator) – Wood conservation
  • 2pm Mr Matthias Ebejer –  Il-Qaddisin u s-Socjetà Medjevali f’Malta
  • 3pm Mr Pierre Bugeja (Prevarti) – Id-deterjorazzjoni  u l-konservazzjoni tal-Pittura
  • 4pm Fr Pierre Desira OSA – Photovoltaic panels – Eco-friendly Church


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